The Qualities of a Good Midwife 

What should you look for in a midwife? 

Pregnancy is a time where there would be doubts especially for first time mothers. You have worries and giving birth may sound like a daunting prospect to you. In this case you need the help of a trusted midwife Miami. You needed them after all you will be dealing with something that is new territory for you. When you are looking for the perfect midwife for you there are things you should think about. Like what are you expecting from your midwife, you need to have that with her, after all she would be the person that you will have to trust to help you give birth without problems. 

Good Midwife

In this article, there are somethings that are listed to help you find the perfect midwife for you.  

Sweet and Stern  

You need a midwife that you can get along with. You definitely don’t want to have a midwife that you cannot get along with. It is important that you have someone like that. As a first time mother you will have questions that may seem annoying to others but with someone you can get along with will, answer patiently for you. However, you also need a midwife that isn’t just sweet but also stern. You need a ground that will help you in times of your flighty panic induced mood going through labor.  


You also want someone who knows how to be discrete when needed and not be tactless. There are a certain delicateness that should be shown to handle that sort of thing. You want to have someone that knows your level of comfortability with anyone in the room. You don’t want your midwife asking you if your hemorrhoids are gone in front of your husbands friends or family. So, discreteness should be a quality from your midwife.  


You want honesty when it comes to just about anything. As a first time mother there are sometimes some considerations that you forget to make, and you need your midwife to make you understand that. There are times when your midwife won’t be available to you and she should let you know and be honest with you about it. This is so, you don’t freak out when you find out she’s not in.  


As a licensed midwife she should also have the knowledge to back up any claims. That is pretty important for women who plunge head first in pregnancy and doesn’t know everything. There should be confidence between you two. So, not only should she be able to tell you about your questions but also she should be able to confidently explain it to you.  


You want a midwife that is supportive of your decisions as long as it is within reason of course. You needed that support from someone you know understands what you are going through. She should be able to fill that shoes and understand that each decision you make is weighted and thought of beforehand.  

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